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GSTR new dates | GSTR 1 Calendar | Tran-2 and GSTR 6 date extended | GSTR date Sheet (April to June) 2018

Hi Readers! Notification and order were issued on 28th March 2018 for extensions of GST returns date and announcement of future dates for GSTR 1. As per Order date 28th March 2018 Tran-2 filing is extended from 31st March 2018 to 31st May 2018 Notification number 19/2018 dated 28th march 2018 is date extended for GSTR 6 till 30th June 2018 Notification number 18/2018 dated 28th march 2018 is GSTR 1 dates announced for the months April to June 2018 (for Turnover more than 1.5 crores), monthly returns as follows: April 2018 - 31st May 2018 May 2018 - 10th June 2018 June 2018 - 10 July 2018 Notification number 17/2018 dated 28th march 2018 is GSTR 1 dates announced for the months April to June 2018 (for Turnover upto 1.5 crores), Quarterly return as follows: April to June 2018 - 31st July 2018 All the notifications link you can find in our download sections. Thanks

Sandhar Technologies limited IPO subscription

Sandhar Technologies limited IPO subscription is 40% on 2nd day. Ipo will close today.

March 2018 Compliance Calender (for GST, Income Tax, ITR and Adhaar), Things which you should do before 31.03.2018

Hi Friends! Here i am sharing with you most important date of Complaince in March 2018 for GST, Income Tax, ITR and Adhaar: As today is 19th March 2018 so will talk about compliance after this date.  GST: First thing and most important in GST is GSTR 3B which you have to file till 31.03.2018 along with payment of GST.  Than in case TRAN 2 is applicable on you than file the same till 31.03.2018.  In case of Input Service Distributors (ISD) GSTR 6 is to be filled before 31.03.2018  Move on to most important ITR: Last date for filing ITR for AY 16-17 and for AY 17-18 is 31.03.2018. This is last chance because after that law is changed and you will get trouble in filing.  So hurry up!  Income tax: In case section 194IA (TDS on immovable property)  and section 194 IB (TDS on rent more than Rs 50000 per month)  is applicable on you than you have to deposit TDS till 31.03.2018.  Adhaar to link with PAN: To link adhaar with PAN HURRY UP! As last date is 31.03.2018.  This is all about 31st

E Way Bill is coming again from 1st April 2018 so here are important points which you should know about E way bill

Hi Everyone! E way bill is going to be rolled out again in India from 1st April 2018 which was previously postponed. Government decided to start e way bill form 1st April 2018 for inter state movement of goods while in case of intra state it is decided to that it will rolled out in phased manner in all the states but not later than 1st June 2018.  So in Short as Eway bill is rolled out soon so you should be ready in advance so that your business will not effected due to the new systems. Here are important points which you should know if Eway bill is applicable on you: 1) Eway bill is required only in case goods which are moved have value more than Rs.50000 (value here means value including taxes). so in case you want to move goods which are of less than Rs.50000 e way is not required in that case. 2) If you are supplying exempted as well as taxable goods than value of exempted goods is to be excluded while calculation of Rs.50000/- exemption for Eway bill. 3) In case you

ICICI Securities IPO Details (Dates, Financials, Objectives of the issue, About ICICI Securities Ltd.)

ICICI Securities IPO Details (Dates, Financial, GMP, About ICICI Securities Ltd.): About ICICI Securities: ICICI Securities Ltd. is a technology based firm Offering a wide range of financial services including investment banking, wealth building, institutional broking, retail broking etc. ICICI Securities Ltd. is having headquarter in Mumbai. for more details visit there website: ICICI Securities Financials: Particulars year/period ended (in Rs. million) 31-Mar-17 31-Mar-16 31-Mar-15 31-Mar-14 31-Mar-13 Total Assets     20,401.60   13,920.20   13,611.40   16,203.70    9,029.20 Total Revenue     14,039.00   11,235.60   12,094.60    8,117.40    7,049.70 Profit After Tax      3,376.10    2,357.40    2,439.60       733.00       756.60 Profit is on Increasing Trend. Objective of Issue is to gain Benefit of listing on stock exchange.


Hi Friends! Bandhan Bank IPO is biggest IPO of year 2018. So following are details which you want to know about Bandhan Bank IPO befor apply: WEBSITE ADDRESS: About Bandhan Bank: • Incorporated in 2014, Bandhan Bank Limited is Kolkata, West Bengal based commercial bank focused on micro banking and general banking services. Bandhan Bank has a license to provide banking services pan-India across customer segments. Bank offer a variety of asset and liability products and services designed for micro banking and general banking, as well as other banking products and services to generate non-interest income. • With the a network of 2,546 doorstep service centres (DSCs) and 9.47 million micro loan customers, the bank has strong very hold in microfinance. Bandhan bank has 864 bank branches and 386 ATMs serving over 1.87 million general banking customers. Banks distribution network is strong in East and Northeast India, with West Bengal, Assam and Bihar. • Bandha

GST Department Request to Taxpayers to register on e-way bill Portal for generation of e-way bill

Hi Friends! Following is message from GST department for GST taxpayers Dear Taxpayer, Greetings from Team GSTN. As you are aware, taxpayers sending or receiving goods are required to generate e-way bill for such movement of goods, as provided in Section 138 of the CGST Rules, 2017. The e-way bill is to be necessarily generated for movement of goods in certain cases, like where value of goods is more than Rs 50,000/-, there is an inter-state movement of goods etc. (Requirement of e-way bill for intra-state movement will be separately notified by respective state governments). For generating e-way bill, one needs to register on e-way portal by providing his/her valid registration number. The taxpayer's registration data is transferred form GST Portal to E-way bill Portal and taxpayer has to do simple verification and register on the e-way bill Portal. Detail steps and user manual has been provided, which can be accessed via link below: https://ewaybill1.nic.i

New Eway Bill rules come into force from 1st April 2018 (Press Release)

New Eway Bill rules come into force from 1st April 2018 (Press Release):

Eway Bill Notification Number 12/2018 dated 07.03.2018

Eway Bill Notification Number 12/2018 dated 07.03.2018. Click on below link to download: Cheers!


Hi Friends, If you want to register for Eway bill but you do not have GST number or you are a unregistered transporter than you have to follow below process to register for eway bill. You need to have with you following documents for eway bill registration as unregistered transporter or unregistered person: 1) PAN 2) Aadhaar Number 3) Registered Mobile Number 4) Registered Email Id In case you are registered person and want to register yourself for Eway bill than watch below video: To know how to make E way bill click here: Eway bill Questions and Answers watch: Watch full video to know in detail. click here to watch: cheers!

How to link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card online

Government mandated pan aadhaar seeding, which means each and every person have to link his or her pan card with aadhaar card or aadhaar card with card otherwise pan card will be blocked and became invalid From July 1, 2017, all tax returns will have to mention the Aadhaar no, as per Sec 139AA of Income Tax Act. If you have both PAN and Aadhaar, you need to link the two. If you fail to do so, your PAN no could become invalid. So if you not yet linked your aadhaar card with pan card or pan card with aadhaar card than do it as soon as possible to not to get your pan blocked in future. If you have not any idea how to link pan card with aadhaar card or how to link aadhaar card with pan card than watch video (click here to watch: ) Website which you will have to visit is Requirements to link your pan card with aadhaar card is as below:- 1) You should have pan card and aadhaar card 2) Details of pan card and aadhaar card

Income tax slab rate for FY2017-18 and AY 2018-19

Hi Friends! Recently government had announced Budget for year 2017 in which income tax slab rate which is most important for a common person is announced. 1) Income Tax Slab Rate for Individuals and HUF: For Income Upto Rs.250000 Tax rate is Nil For Income above Rs.250000 but upto Rs.500000 Tax rate is 5% For Income above Rs.500000 but upto Rs.1000000 Tax rate is 20% For Income above Rs.1000000 tax rate is 30% 2)  Income Tax Slab Rate for Senior Citizens upto 60 Years of age For Income Upto Rs.300000 Tax rate is Nil For Income above Rs.300000 but upto Rs.500000 Tax rate is 5% For Income above Rs.500000 but upto Rs.1000000 Tax rate is 20% For Income above Rs.1000000 tax rate is 30% 3)  Income Tax Slab Rate for Super Senior Citizens more than 60 Years of age For Income Upto Rs.500000 Tax rate is Nil For Income above Rs.500000 but upto Rs.1000000 Tax rate is 20% For Income above Rs.1000000 tax rate is 30% Watch video here (click here to watch:

ITR3, how to file ITR 3 for income from business and profession 2017-18 Hindi | ITR 4 is now ITR 3

Hi Friends! If you are earning income from Business and profession than you have to file ITR 3. Requirement to file ITR3 are:- 1) Go to website and download ITR3 for AY 2017-18 2) PAN and Aadhaar Card 3) Form 16 and Form 26AS 4) Balance sheet and Profit and Loss details 5) All Bank Account Details 6) Advance tax payment and self-assessment tax challans 7) Proof of savings watch below video to know in detail about ITR 3: ITR3 Topis most requested video of my viewers,  how to file itr3 for individual and HUF having Icome from business and profession so here I am with the video (click here to watch: )

Top10 and common Interview Question & Answers for freshers to crack job interview

Interview Questions and Answers explained with Examples to make you able to crack your interview. Freshers are required more emphasis on preparation before interview so as to get higher chances to get selected. Some pre preparations for interview will help you get job easily. Common Interview Questions are: 1) Tell Me About Yourself 2) What are your Strengths 3) What are your weakness 4) Tell me what you know about our company 5) Why do you want to join us 6) why should we hire you 7) why are you looking for the job change 8) why you want to leave your previous job 9) What is your salary expectations 10) Do you want to ask any question watch video to get answers, click here to watch:  

How to E-Verify Income tax return or ITR V to save time to send hard copy of ITR V to CPC

Hi Friends! After online submission of ITR you will get an acknowledgment named ITR V, this acknowledgment either you can send within 120  days to CPC Bangalore or you can e verify your return on the spot which will save your time and money to send the hard copy of ITR V. watch video (click here to watch: )  to know step by step guidance to e verify Income tax return. File ITR 1 with us: ITR 3: ITR 4S Thanks Cheers!

Know your PAN status (Active or Blocked) due to non linking of Pan with Adhaar check your status

Know your PAN: Income Tax Department starts blocking PAN cards which are not linked with Adhaar. if you want to know your PAN status than watch this video (click here to watch : ) and check your status right now. With this method you can verify any PAN number (Check PAN number of Others) If you want to link your pan with adhaar, click below: DO you want to correct your adhaar online than click below: Do you want to apply PAN online, click below: Do you want to download your updated Adhaar card online, click below: My Smart home channel link:

How to pay GST online (3 ways of payment explained in detailed) creation of challan and link UTR No.

Payment of GST can be done through GST portal in 3 ways which are: 1) E-Payment of GST 2) Over the counter Payment of GST 3) NEFT/ RTGS of GST   This video is (click here to watch : )  detailed explanation of above three modes and having answer of your following GST payment queries: 1) How to pay GST online. 2) Which banks are authorize for online GST payment. 3) what is limit of GST amount for over the counter payment 4) how to link UTR number after payment of GST through NEFT/RTGS 5) After making payment of GST, that is not reflected in Electronic cash ledger Thanks Cheers!

Notice u/s 143(1)a of Income tax, what are the reasons and how to reply notice u/s 143 (1)a online

After the return period now IT department started sending notice u/s 143(1) A of the income tax action . What is notice u/s 143 (1) a is:- 1) This is an intimation of adjustments 2) This is system generated intimation 3) Reply to be given within 30 days 4) Reply can be given online if you want to know why taxpayers are getting notice u/s  143 (1) a then watch this video (click here to watch ) and know how to reply to notice u/s 143 (1) a Cheers!

How to apply GST Number online for new business/new taxpayer

I want to get GST number? How to get GST number? How to register for GST? If these are your questions than this video is for you. This video is Live demo to apply GST number Online (Free of Cost). click here to watch: This is 10-15 minutes process to apply for GST number. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji wants that every person who wants to apply for GST number can do it himself, because of simplified GST registration process, so that every person who requires GST number can easily obtain the same. so on the mission path, Do it Yourself, you can easily obtain your GST number while watching this video. Basic documents required for GST registration are: 1) Pan Card 2) Address Proof 3) Photo 4) valid email id and mobile number 5) Adhaar Card Documents size is 100 KB to 1 MB only If you get GST number after watching this video than don't forget to tell us by comment below. Cheers!

How to link UAN to Aadhaar online EKYC , UAN (universal account number PF) को आधार से कैसे लिंक करें

EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) is sending following message to persons having PF account: Dear Member, your UAN xxxx xxxx 8845 is not linked with Adhaar. To link UAN with Aadhaar, kindly visit eKYC Portal – Regards EPFO. So it is now mandatory to link UAN with Adhaar. It is for ease of employee so that in future they can withdraw PF (Provident Fund) amount with involving the employer. If you want to link your UAN with Aadhaar of your PF account with Aadhaar than this video is for you. Link of website is as below: Below is process to link UAN with Aadhaar 1) Go to page : 2) Click on link UAN with Aadhaar 3) Enter following details a) UAN number b) Mobile number which is registered with UAN will get Auto Populated c) Click on generate OTP d) Enter OTP which you get on your mobile e) Enter Aadhaar number from Aadhaar card f) Click on Submit 4) After submit

How to download Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms 2017-18 in excel as Incometax efiling website updated

Most recently Incometaxindiaefiling website is updated, because of which taxpayers are getting trouble in downloading excel utility of ITR forms (Income Tax Return forms). In This video two ways to download income tax returns are explained. click here to watch video: Cheers!

E-Way Bill बनाना सीखें, How to make E-way bill online live demo with detailed explanation e way bill

How to make E-way bill online? if you want to know in detail and want to make eway bill easily online than this video is for you. Video Link is: E way bill website address is: in this video you can know in detail about following eway bill queries: how to make e way bill, what is website for eway bill, when e way bill applicable,  eway bill editable or not, how to cancel e way bill, who can cancel eway bill, e way bill part A and Part B who have to fill, what is transporter id in eway bill, how to add vehicle number in eway bill etc.

GSTR 3B फाइल करने का नया तरीका जानें, HOW TO FILE UPDATED GSTR 3B, HOW TO FILE GSTR 3B IN NEW WAY

Hi Friends, Recently GST department makes changes in GSTR 3B filing Process to make it more user friendly and simple. In case you want to file GSTR 3B with updated changes thant watch below video: File your GSTR 3B, click to know: Cheers!

Income Tax slab rate for FY2018-19 and AY 2019-20 | new income tax slab rate 2018-19 | New tax slab

Hi Friends! In Budget 2018 Finance Minister Arun Jaitely announced Income Tax Slab Rate which is most important for every person earning Income From Following Heads: 1) Income From Salary 2) Income From House Property 3) Income from Business & Profession 4) Income from Capital Gain 5) Income from Other Sources Following are income tax slab rate for FY 2018-19 and AY 2019-20: 1) Income tax slab rate for individuals and huf (both men and women) for fy 2018-19 is: upto Rs.250000 tas rate is nil above Rs.250000 to Rs.500000 tax rate is 5% above Rs.500000 to Rs.1000000 tax rate is 20% above Rs.1000000 tax rate is 30% 2) Income tax slab rate for senior citizens (above 60 years to 80 years) for fy 2018-19 is: upto Rs.300000 tas rate is nil above Rs.300000 to Rs.500000 tax rate is 5% above Rs.500000 to Rs.1000000 tax rate is 20% above Rs.1000000 tax rate is 30% 3) Income tax slab rate for super senior citizens (above 80 years) for fy 2018-19 is: upto Rs.500000 tas

How to open NPS account online from home live demo to save tax on contribution of Rs.50000 for 2018

To Open NPS account watch below video:

26th GST Council meeting highlights, E way bill coming again, reverse charge & GSTR 3B,1 deferred

Hi Friends! 26th Gst council meeting is held in march having major changes in GST and Eway Bill. To know in detail with press release watch below video: Cheers!

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited IPO do you invest or not?

Hi Friends! Hindustan Aeronautics Limited IPO do you invest or not? watch below video to know:

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We Have a Solution! Cheers! Watch These videos and File your ITR 1 and ITR 4 yourself. How to file ITR 1 (with detailed form 16) : How to file ITR 4: Thanks Team CA Guruji