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How to file ITR 1 (with detailed form 16) :
How to file ITR 4:

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  1. I am NRI and I hve FDs in Bank and post office also.
    But there is TDS deduction on bank FD.
    Should I file ITR for refund?
    I hve to declare all interest from KVP(post office) also.
    What is the procedure. Pls guide....

    Thank you

  2. Please let me know as to how income from two different types of pension should be mentioned in ITR1. Is it necessary to show income from games winning in ITR as 30 Percent TDS done by the organiser.

  3. Can a person take an advantage under section 80C of Rs 150000 for next financial year? (i.e if a person had senior citizen certificate for amount of rs 1500000 can this be availed for next financial year 2019-2020)

  4. I have file ITR 4 but tax not pad before Sumit I do at time....I have not verify my ITR assessment year 2019- 20

  5. Dear mam,,i need proper help from you, for my itr filing. With video,for lic agent tax return.

  6. Dear mamm,i need proper help from you,for my itr gross salary include with arrea, afer less of deductions 80c,standard deduction,intrest paybal on borrowed capital,exmpt allowance under Sec 10' my tax liability is nil. Can I do appear my itr 1 relief under sec 87A.

  7. I am travel agent and commission income from travel business which itr file. i have gst number

    1. You are travel agent and income on the commision basis in your
      business. You under cover ITR-3 return filed. If you any queries
      contact us:

  8. Under IRC §3713, a Guardian will be held by and by at risk for a government tax obligation if the accompanying conditions point of reference are fulfilled: (I) the U.S.lower singapore tax singapore

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  11. ITR notification for due date extended fir FY 2019-20


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