E Way Bill is coming again from 1st April 2018 so here are important points which you should know about E way bill

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E way bill is going to be rolled out again in India from 1st April 2018 which was previously postponed.

Government decided to start e way bill form 1st April 2018 for inter state movement of goods while in case of intra state it is decided to that it will rolled out in phased manner in all the states but not later than 1st June 2018. 

So in Short as Eway bill is rolled out soon so you should be ready in advance so that your business will not effected due to the new systems.

Here are important points which you should know if Eway bill is applicable on you:

1) Eway bill is required only in case goods which are moved have value more than Rs.50000 (value here means value including taxes). so in case you want to move goods which are of less than Rs.50000 e way is not required in that case.

2) If you are supplying exempted as well as taxable goods than value of exempted goods is to be excluded while calculation of Rs.50000/- exemption for Eway bill.

3) In case you are moving goods in public conveyance than also e way bill applicable in case of value of goods is more than 50000 rupees. Responsibility to generate eway bill in that case is on consignor or consignee.

4) In case transporter is carrying many consignments having value less than Rs.50000 in a single conveyance which in total (all consignments value) is more than Rs.50000/- in that case no E way bill is required.

5) Railways are exempted for generation and carrying e way bill (it doesn't mean eway bill is not required in case of movement by rail), but they cannot deliver goods to receipt without production of eway bill. Railway have to carry with them invoice of delivery challan while movement of goods.

6) Now registered Job worker can also generate eway bill, in case of movement on account of Job work.

7) Now consignor can authorize on his behalf courier agency, e commerce operator and transporter to generate Part A of eway bill.

8) Now in case receipt wants to accept of reject eway bill than he can do so only within 72 hours or validity period of concerned eway bill whichever is earlier.

9) Movement of goods from the place of consignor to transporter upto a distance of 50 KM does not require filing of Part B of eway bill.

10) Extra validity has been provided in case of over dimensional cargo (ODC)

11) In case validity period of eway bill expired before delivery to particular place than transporter may extend the validity period only in case of transshipment or in case of exceptional circumstances.

12) One day validity will be couted till midnight of the day immediately following the day of generation of bill.  (i.e. if you generated bill on 12 April 2018 at 4:00 pm for one day than validity will expire on 12 April 2018 at 12:00 midnight)

13) In case of many check posts while delivery of goods checking will be done only at one place by tax officer not at each check post unless and until in exceptional circumstances.

14)  In case goods are moving through Railways, airways, and waterways, the eway bill can be generated even after commencement of movement of goods.

15) In case of bill to ship to supply movement of goods will be handled by capturing the place of dispatch in Part A of eway billl.

So above points are very important to keep in mind if E way bill is applicable on you.

Our advice is that you should register yourself first of all so that you should not phase last minute rush.

*In case you are registered Person and wants to register yourself than you can watch our below video which is explained video of registration of Eway bill for registered person. click here to watch:

*If you are unregistered person of tranporter (unregistered transporter is required to obtain "Transporter ID" for generation of Part B of E way bill) and wants to register yourself than you can watch our below video which is explained video of registration of Eway bill for Unregistered person. click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdPr0cDZYas

If you are not aware how to generate E way bill than you can watch our step by step video of generation of E way bill. click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNqcf_Qd0lA

This is all About E way Bill. Be prepare yourself before it rolls out to avoid last minutes rust.

In case you are having more questions about eway bill or you have any query related to eway bill according to your business of place do comment below we will try to resolve, because whenever any new law enters it creates lots of queries in users mind.

Cheers! Leave your comments below:

About Author:
Author is a practicing Chartered Accountant having 9 years of experience and having vast knowledge.


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