Environment - BY K.R.Dileep Kumar


"Earth is only the planet having the favourable place for
   Life, So save earth and environment to survive our life"

      Environment is the natural world which surrounds the
earth and makes a particular geographical area in which
human beings, animals, plants and other living and non-living
 things exist.

A Clean Environment makes people love nature and starts
Planting trees and plants. If there are more plants and trees
There will be healthy environment which provides good amount
Of oxygen and takes carbon dioxide and makes man feel happy
Environment is the thing where kids like more when it is full
of greenery and flowers with good fragrance.

It should be maintained well to save environment very well for
longer period of time.

I like Environment because of green plants and trees and animals
and creatures where they do good sound in morning and night

I am interested in saving plants and trees with forming one team
We should make one organisation like NGO and  save  Environment.
Now a days Environment is getting very dirty because of pouring
dirty water and dust and waste food and after some time mosquitoes
come and sit on them and the diseases like dengue ,  malaria and  cholera
Will spread and many people will die because of this type of diseases
so we need to love environment and save environment with full of care
and we should control all people to put waste outside of the houses and
spread dirty air more and spread diseases.

Every person should be having care towards environment surrounding
their houses and apartments where people live.

  I say that every age group citizens from childhood age to grand parents age
everyone should take care about environment and earth by distracting from
disasters like floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.

 AUTHOR : MR. K.R.Dileep Kumar


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