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Here at www.caguruji.in you will get information and latest updates on GST, Income Tax, ITR, Returns, IPO, Stock Market, Tax Savings, Income, Budget, Tax Rates, TDS and many other updates

We are team of Chartered Accountants. Our motive is to provide you updates on GST, Income Tax and other matters.
We are also having youtube channel where you can find tutorial videos to file GST, Income Tax, Returns and Updates.
you can visit our Youtube channel by click here: https://www.youtube.com/c/caguruji

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  1. Hello Madam,

    Hope to be well.

    I have seen one of the video on YouTube regarding how to file revised ITR. however, you mentioned that it can be revised before original ITR is processed.

    I am a government employee. My problem is that, I have recently received arrears of last 3 years I. e from 2016 in December 2018. All last 3 years ITR are already processed by I. T department.

    If I file revised ITR, there are chances of getting refund as I have no savings.

    Kindly let me know, is it possible to file revised ITR???
    If yes, what is the procedure??

  2. Hello puja medam how are you.

  3. Respected Madam
    I always weatin for your gst viedos to learn some thing about gst.I request you Madam there is confusaion me about itc claim for year 2018-2019.are this extended after sept 2020.

  4. Gstr3b drafted challan submitted.amount is showing in cash ledger but file to proceed is inactive. What should I do?

  5. the information you have updated is very good and useful,plse update further.
    if you required any info regarding TAX & GSTR please visit

    GST consultants in Bangalore
    Company registration in Bangalore

  6. Respcted maam I want to contact you to file my IT return

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    The part of recording the financial affairs of the business is called bookkeeping, whereas accounting is the preparation of financial accounts. Accounting for Small business is mandatory unless it is a Sole proprietorship with certain exceptions. Apart from compulsion, it is better to keep accounts updated with accuracy to avoid financial muddles. Expertise knowledge of accounting is essential even in the case of accounting for small businesses, to ensure the books are maintained as per the accounting standards. Maintenance of accounts is as an essential requirement for a home run business as it is to an industrialist.


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